Tuesday, 8 September 2015


    Every morning an alarm wake me up. Normally  I switch off the alarm and go to bad again. I can understand most of us will say This happen with most of us.

    I don't care if it is bad good or normal, but I think if I switch off alarm and go to bad again, it only show that we are late. Before sleeping I set alarm, I was having something in my mind, in morning I switched off, that means I may not be getting enough time for that something.

    Just a year back an incident happened in Rohtak. Most of people stand-up for the brave sisters. Suddenly most of the standing people disappear, because they found the act was not of their bravery, but it was a shame for entire country.

    Just couple of days back another act of bravery witnessed by India, latter it was found act of shame again.

    There are many more hidden acts of bravery, but actually act of shame for entire country, but because of media attention or may be lack of public support it didn't noticed.

    All these incidents are nothing but morning alarm for Indian men to wake up from misandry and fight for their own right. Unfortunately most of us choose to switch it off and go to sleep again.

    Soon many will understand they lost the precious time. But it is never late but it would be great if we wake up soon.

    Wake Up Before it is too Late

Gursharn Singh