Saturday, 26 September 2015


    GOD Exist ?

    What is form of GOD ?

    Where GOD Live ?

   There are many questions, even uncountable, but no answer. May be people get answer. Some get answer in Ramayana, Some get in Bible, or Quran, or Gita, few get in Guru Granth Sahib. But the important thing is one get answer in Bible didn't get in Ramayana. Why ?

    Probably they don't get answer in Books but they get in their believe. If i am Muslim I will see god in Quran, only in Quran and if i am Hindu I don't see god in Quran, just because their believe is just static.

    I may be wrong but, still the truth is the only immortal thing (not even solid) is TIME. Yes time has no end, it run everyday with same speed, nothing can interrupt, nothing can stop it, does not matter what happen time run with same speed. One said only GOD is immortal, so TIME is GOD.

    Yes Time is responsible for construction, destruction, change both minor or major ... . . nothing happen without time, not even a seed grow. Time provide justice, time give punishment, time tell me its time to leave the planet earth (death), time tell me I am nothing even if I think I am something. In short time do all the things necessary and on right moment, then why we need to find a GOD which will die one day ?

    Somnath Bharti, remember the name ?

    Once he was a Lawyer, then he was Minister and finally he is Criminal (Lawyer -> Minister -> Criminal -> ?). Status change with time, he has seen both Good and Bad time. What will be next no-one knows. Hope he will come back sooner or later. Once he demanded a specific Law from Justice Verma, today he is criminal under similar Law. That prove no-one is untouched by time, no-one doesn't matter what he or she think. When time come one will get punishment or reward for his doing.

    Once I was very innocent men, today I am criminal (no I am not talking about court cases, I am talking about criminal mind). Once she was committing crime by assuming nothing can damage her, today facing criminal charges. No matter what we thing, our status change with time.

    TIME do the things we believe only GOD can do or should do, still we deny the existence of time. WHY ?


Gursharn Singh