Monday, 28 September 2015


The following conversation is true just language and name are changed.

Character : Mr G & Mr K

K : .....

G : ....

K : You are not sensitive about females.

G : Now where from this sensitivity toward women ? We were talking about protection and safety of men.

K : What you keep talking about is anti-women ... .... what if your sister or mother ....

G : Wait. I think conversation is over and I WON.

K : Hey I am not over.

G : Yes you have finished. The argument of Mother & Sister is last one people use. And when someone speak this I say I WON.

G : If you have any other logic to continue the conversation please share.

K : Your Mother & Sister are women and they are my argument here.

G : Yes they are women and first they are women after that anything else. Their safety can have its own importance but father's brother's & son's safety has equal importance for me. So if you have any other argument left with you speak now.

K : hmm .. ..m mm ...

G : I can't kill my brothers & father and that is equally important for me.

G : So you lost ?

K : ...

Gursharn Singh