Friday, 18 September 2015


What is Sacrifice ?

    "A sacrifice is a loss or something you give up, usually for the sake of a better cause."

    A few examples are Subhash Chandra Boss, Mahatma Gandhi, Bhagat Singh, Mangal Pandey etc. We are lucky enough because we have unlimited example, we can't count them. Neither we can count nor we can return what we received.

    But the most unfortunate is today the names we can't count are not recent but all those names are from past. Today thousands of people claim their sacrifice but actually it is nothing but a false sense.

    Just a day back someone claimed women/wife sacrifice for husband and kids. I am Surprised, how this is possible, specially when day to day life shows otherwise.

    No-one is behind in showing his or her sacrifice. Man claim his sacrifice for women and women claim her sacrifice for men. Unfortunately no-one bother for the claimed sacrifice by men, so we don't need to talk about that. But sacrifices by women is an issue which everyone is trying to encash.

    What women sacrifice for men and kids :

  1. CARRIER : First and most important claim is carrier. It can be important, if she really do that. Unfortunately when I visit 'family courts' what i see is a very long line of well educated women (doctor, engineer, teacher etc) asking for money from husband because they are not able to work. Lakhs are there resign from the job for money. This scenario is enough to prove that most women not interested in carrier or job, but they wanted to sit idle. WHAT A GREAT SACRIFICE ?
  2. TIME & MONEY FOR KIDS : Kids don't come in this world by their wish, but they born after parents wish. It is their duty to provide environment which can help them to grow freely. Nothing time or money can be sacrifice for kids, it is parents duty. DUTY CAN'T BE SACRIFICE.
  3. INDEPENDENCE FOR MEN & KIDS : Every individual in this world is INDEPENDENT at the same time he depends on other too. Now this dependence force him to live in society. Society provide safety as well as facilities at the cost of independence, or atlease limited independence. If individual don't follow the rules of society, he or she is free to leave. Still if someone living in society that only show he needs society more then society need him. So How the limited independence can be sacrifice when individual choose it to facilitate himself. Same apply on husband & wife too.
  4. GENERATION : Giving birth to kids is painful. But the role is given to females by MOTHER/FATHER nature. No-one can change it. Limited possibility is changing gender with the help of modern medical science. How a natural process can be sacrifice ?
    The list is endless because the claims are endless, but really there is no sacrifice by women. Women is in matrimonial relation for her own benefits. She is free to walk on no-marriage path, no-one can force her. But the claim is just to pressurize individuals. And the most unfortunate condition is men is liberal enough to glorify her claims.

    The same apply on Men too, but as I said noone care for the claim by men. It will be useless to comment on it.

    Time has come when both gender need to understand, there is no future in false claims. Best it step on free path, achieve real independence.

Gursharn Singh