Thursday, 24 September 2015


    Daman Welfare Society Launched second ANDROID APPLICATION to interact with people around the GLOBE. This application is developed for the organisers of meetings, to keep track of participants.

    The application has 5 screens :

SCREEN 1 : The very first screen is just a boot screen. When the user launch application  it shows a welcome message and also interact with daman resources, if mobile's data services are on. In case data services are off, still application work in offline mode.

SCREEN 2 : Once the application ready to use, it shows a list of existing records date wise. By clicking on any item detail of that particular meeting can be seen. Apart from record there are three switches.

    START : The switch can be used to start a new meeting. The only limitation in 'ONE MEETING PER DAY'. As soon as a meeting created it appear in list. Member can be add in meeting from detail of meeting screen.

    MEMBER : The switch can be used to see the list of registered members ONLINE or OFFLINE. For online users the application search GLOBAL database, while the OFFLINE member can be added by the user.

    REPORT : The switch shows the report about a particular member or chapter. This function can be used only if user/member is registered with DAMAN.


DAMAN WEEKLY -  Start Screen

SCREEN 3 : Third Screen appear when user click on an item in the List to see the details of a particular meeting. The screen shows details of members in meeting. The detail shows the date and time of meeting, name, mobile numbers, email id & registration ID of members. The registration number can be GLOBAL of LOCAL.

    JOIN When a new member join meeting, he or she can be added by using the the switch. When click on the switch it ask for mobile number. For old members his registered mobile number can be used and for new members his mobile, which he wish to register can be given.
    SYNC : The switch is to SYNC meeting details to prepare reports. This function is available only for registered users of DAMAN.

DAMAN WEEKLY - Meeting Screen

SCREEN 4 : When user click on MEMBER switch, next screen appear which shows the list of registered members., both GLOBAL and LOCAL. The screen has 2 more switches :

    SYNC : The function available for registered DAMAN users. This can be used to get GLOBAL list of registered members, as well as to make locally registered members to GLOBAL.

    ADD MEMBER : The switch can be used to add new members locally.  The switch ask for Name, Mobile number (without zero or +91), email and  ID. ID is a unique number which can be any for locally registered members, and for globally registered members DAMAN decide the ID. For example DAMAN use 'DM-0020' but Haryana people can use HY-0001 or Delhi people can use DL-0001.

SCREEN 5 : The screen appear when user click on REPORT switch from main screen. the screen shows the detailed report card of chapter as well as globally registered members.  To get REPORT card it is necessary to registered with DAMAN.



Gursharn Singh