Wednesday, 30 September 2015


    I read a lot of Books, even a common men can read more then that. I have personal library of more then 1000 printed books & more then 10,000 e-books. The collection has all type of books. But the biggest collection I have is those having some kind of super natural or scientific power. For example BLACK MAGIC, VAMPIRES, TIME TRAVELLING, SCIENTIFIC GADGETS etc.

    Does that mean I believe in BLACK MAGIC ?

    I would not say YES of NO. Not because I am confused, but just because I won't give a blank statement about something which I don't even know.

    Science yes I know about science, but it will be extreme if i say yes I know each and everything about science. I am scientist by profession as well as by nature, but I know just a fraction of it, just a fraction. People believe in science mostly deny the existence of BLACK MAGIC. Yes I have seen many people saying they believe in science and there is no such thing like BLACK MAGIC.

    BLACK MAGIC, I don't know exactly what it is, even I don't know if such thing exist. In that case if i say YES or NO that will be my ignorance. But If i say there is something, which we don't even understand and that can be BLACK MAGIC. The statement can be true, but partial.

    Just partial because I have seen a document which talk about the DEATH of Mr. A (my father). And the document was written even 17 or 18 year before his death. The time mentioned in document is same with the error bar of 10 days. The document is still safe with me, and this document is proof that there is something which I don't understand. There is something which tells us what is hidden is future, does not matter if I can read or understand, but future exist. Handful of people can read and understand, may be partially, but they can.

    Many people will deny, by saying it is matter of chances. Yes they can, they have every right of saying this, not because they know everything but because they have every right to explain as per their understanding.

    Does that mean now I believe in BLACK MAGIC ?

    As I said i wont say YES or NO. But there is something I don't even understand, and I would like to learn and understand one day.


Gursharn Singh