Saturday, 30 November 2013

MOKSHA or a way to HELL

"If we review very closely, we will find few factors of human characteristics that are responsible for every crime. It the same human characteristics that enjoys and feel pride in killing a animal. It is same human characteristics that finds enjoyment on harassing the lower caste. It is the same human characteristics that tries to grab which is not his own. It is same human characteristics that makes him excited on getting things free. Yes, GREED & CRUELTY are the inborn characteristics of human being. For this reason, only few can achieve MOKSHA, many criminals. We blame the society, but we never blame ourself. Who makes the society!"

The above paragraph is taken from another blog.

The conclusion from this paragraph are :

(1) GREED is fundamental character of HUMAN being.
(2) CRUELTY is another fundamental character of HUMAN being.

Here I am going to focus on GREED and CRUELTY  some other time.

Is this the conclusion or just a way to deny for justice. WHY ?

(1) Fundamental characters can't be changes : If GREED and CRUELTY are fundamental then there is no way to remove them from my character.

(2) One side blogger accepting HUMAN being is greedy at the same time saying females are not greedy they never lie, they never misuse Law and much more.

But biggest lie supported is one side it is said HUMAN BEING are GREEDY and the same time they are giving power to female so that they can enhance their GREED. Blogger himself agree that 498A can be misused and we know how easily even SC said it is legal terrorism ... still not thinking about a way which can solve the problem but we support a way which failed in solving the issue but multiply the problem. IrBM is another tool which is going to rise females GREED.

Can this be a solution that we just reverse the situation ? Or some hidden agenda so that on the name of women empowerment a few GREEDY people can enjoy or fulfill their own GREED ?

Gursharn Singh