Monday, 2 December 2013


IPC 498A Conviction rate is very Low (less then 2 %).

Every Year around 1 Lakh case registered in IPC 498A (

Out of 1 Lakh less then 2 % get convicted.

In Corruption/Murder etc Conviction rate is also Low specially when cases are against politicians system fail to provide justice that is what a normal Indian think of .... then why not the same apply in IPC 498A ?

Two questions pop-up in mind :

(1) Is the judicial system fail and most of dowry seeker get acquitted ?

(2) Most of case registred in IPC 498A are true ?

Yes. As a normal Indian I would conclude the same until I know the basic difference in IPC 498A and other IPC sections.

The basis difference lie within the system.

(a) Normally in any IPC it is assumed the accused is INNOCENT until proved otherwise. And because of inefficient system police and other agencies fail to prove him guilty and conviction rate stay Low.

(b) In IPC 498A situation is reverse and the accused is assumed to be GUILTY until proved otherwise. And at the same time wife's statement assumed true. Its accused responsibility to prove himself INNOCENT and accused put thier best afforts to prove. He provide best arguments and evidences and finally get acquitted.

The difference in the proceeding change the game : Normally in any IPC accused get aquited because police or investigation agencies fail to prove him guilty and in IPC 498A accused is proved Innocence in presence of evidences.

CONCLUSION : IPC 498A accused are proved INNOCENT in the light of evidences not because of absence of evidences and easy to think they are really Innocent and Victim of misuse.

Gursharn Singh