Thursday, 30 October 2014




    It's May 3rd. Almost three months has been passed, nothing noticable happend since lawyer's death, but people were expecting something big but unable to predict what.

    Early morning of 3rd May when king didn't came out of his bedroom, one of his maid went to call him. But he also didn't returned back for long time. What came out was not maid but a bad news that king if found dead in his bad.

    Even a kid could tell, it is poison who killed their king, but how no-one knows. Imediatly doctor was called and he officially declared him dead. He also observe presence of snake bite. Soon the news spread out that king is killed by a snake. Most of citizens believe it is an accident. All secureities were designed to protect from human enemies but the same security fail when enemy is a small creature like snake.

    King's son vikas, who is out of country for his study, came back as soon as possible and took charge as a country's head. Till then king's body was preserved. It was 10th day when king's body was out for final ceremony. When the wodden box was opened vikas found the word RAGA written at inner wall of box.

    Vikas is a young men with vision and hope. Soon he came to know about his father's wrong doing and two previous death. He decided to investigate matter and surface RAGA as soon as possible. The only clue he was having an old men in the cave on top of hill.

    2nd May one day before king was found dead, city was at peace, almost every citizen was busy in his job. In the centre of city a small but well furnished house, belongs to a security person in king's palace, almost everything was normal in the house, except an old men sleeping in evening. A sleeping old men, how that can be abnormal. The old men was on a tour from past many days. He came back today only. As soon as sun goes down the old men came out of house. He tried to meet and wish his neighbours, his movements was just normal, except for a person who notice carefully and for long time, with passing time he was moving toward outer of city with care.

    Soon old men was out of city, now he was walking toward a hut very near to hill. There he meet a young men, who helped him wearing new clothes. After changing old men walk toward the palace. When he reached near the palace, it was late night and dark. He start moving fast along the wall of palace but he was also carefully watching near the wall. Soon he found a water pipe, but rightnow at place of water milk drops were flowing from pipe. The old men sit there and spread his one arm, imidiatly a green snake came out of his rob and entered inside pipe.

    The old men repeated the process two times and two more snake entered inside palace via water pipes. Very few people know king has three bedroom inside palace and only king decide which room he is going to use for night. All three of the pipe were directly linked to king's bedroom's one with each room at the far end of palace. All three snakes travell within waterpipe and finally came-out in king's bedrooms.

    Late night when king entered in one of room, snake was waiting for him. As soon as he reached his bed, he was dead.


Gursharn Singh