Monday, 20 October 2014


    19 Oct 2014, Sunday. Why I am saying today when we have to wait one month  for the special day. Am I wrong or something wrong happen with me !!

    Life for most of people run on defined track. Once I was one of them, follow the routine job, nothing new just followups. This life has its own beauty, and I would like to opt same untill I really understand the beauty of change.

    Last week here in Vizag, India life was disturbed because of Cyclon (HUDHUD), was not having time for anything new because our run was for necessary things like water, food, electricity and mobile signal. Fortunatly for entire week I was out of mobile signal and power. Why FORTUNATLY ? I said because it give me a chance to realize the beauty of change.

    It's Sunday slowly but life coming back on track. Almost free with a cup of tea. Diwali is just 4 days from today. As usual decided to utilize the time and I started preparing a list of family & friends to whom i have to send diwali wishes. The job finished up with a very long list, even the length is beyond my expectation too.

    19 Nov Men's Day is a special day for me & for many like me. At the same time I decided to finish the list for Men's day too. Decided to pick a few names from the existing list, with only one critaria that the peoson who get wishes on Men's Day must understand the meaning and importance of the day.

    I am shocked to know that the sub-list doesn't even touch two digit figure !! WHY ? Why my thoughts are so narrow that I could not wish to anyone ? Why I need to pick just a couple of names from a long list ? Why on Diwali I need to wish everyone and on Men's Day I choose just a couple of them ?

    Diwali is celibration of an incident which happen thausands of year back, even no-one sure when it happen. This festivle arise from victory on Evil. Even it is so old incident that noone really knows what exactly happen. Who was Evil ? Who was God ? The real story under the sand of time we just celebrate what we believe. Still I feel i should wish to almost  everyone and my list cross the length of my expectation.

    On the other hand Men's day which really has significance today, not because I am Men and it is Men's Day but because it inspire people like us to fight for the justice & own right. It has significance because today society, law and govt all are against men. Almost everyone trying to prove us Evil. In those circumstances it is important to celebrate the day with all possible streanth. The day not only unite us for the long battle but also inspire up to continue the fight.

    Still I wanted to wish only those who really understand the meaning of this wish, because I would like to stand with those who really wanted to fight against Injustice and for Mens Right with me. I would not like to carry those who just wanted to walk till there is no Fight. I would like to ignore them and continue my journey along with friends of future.

    Consider this as an advance wishes and whoever think Men's Day is nothing ignore it.

Men's Day

Gursharn Singh