Tuesday, 28 January 2014


After Long Day I earn 200 /- and in the end i can save 100 /-

Where to Invest this 100 /- ?

I take a lot of time then decide the right place and If there is risk involved people avoid.

(1) Are we doing the same with own life ?

(2) Are we considering the risk involved in marriage where entire life is going to be invested ?

(3) Is there enough statistics available for such calculation ?

(4) Is it necessary to calculate such risk ?

My answer are simple :

(1) No we are not thinking about this because marriage is not a business.

(2) No risk factor is considered.

(3) No statistics available.

(4) Depends on what my final AIM is. If my ultimate achievement is marriage then defiantly no reason left for consideration the risk factor. If my ultimate goal is live and let live then yes we need to consider the risk factor involved.

Is the idea of getting marriage really bad or It is extrapolated ?

Let us first consider how many chances are there to ...............

For Statistics let us consider Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan a small district.

Number of Divorce Application Every Day = 10
(source Rajasthan Patrika)

Number of Divorce Application Every Year =3650 ~ 3500

Population ~ 20 Lakh

Now consider population equally distributed in every age group 0-10, 10-20, 20-30, 30-40, 40-50, 50-100 (total 6 age group)

Number or people in between 20-30 = 20/6 Lakh = 3.3 Lakh
(20-30 is valid marriage age)

There can be a few more from 30-35 = 1.5 Lakh

Total marriage age group = 4.8 Lakh

These 4.8 Lakh will marry in next 15 year
(assumed equally distributed)

Every year number of person marrying = 4.8/15 Lakh = 0.32 Lakh = 32000

out of 32000 half ladies population and half gents. That means only 16000 marriage every year.

Every Year marriage = 16000
(assumed every one getting marriage within district)

But this assumption may not be true so safe side 20000 or 25000 marriage every year can be considered.

If 20000 then marriage failure rate = 17.5 %
If 25000 the marriage failure rate = 14 %

In short failure rate is around 15-20 % in small city.
What will happen in mega/metro cities.

What I am going to lost after a such marriage :

(1) JOB : first thing which I am going to loose is my job which I get after 25 years hard work.

(2) ARREST : There are  chances that I will be arrested without investigation. I may need to spend a few days (vary from a couple of days to months) behind bar. At the same time my parents, married sisters, married brothers also can be send to jail.

(3) MONEY : It's a long battle in court which may extend from 5 yr to 10 yr or may be long and during that time period lakhs of rupees can be wasted.

(4) FAITH : Least but not Last my faith in Judiciary System is going to tarnish and does not matter what i did for past 25-30 years but Once the faith is gone I will be open to committee CRIMES.

Gursharn Singh