Thursday, 21 April 2016


    A couple of week back (5 or 6 week) when I was forcibly send for mediation, and I tried me best to fail it, and it failed. Right after that I get notice from LOK-ADALAT to appear. I tried not to appear, but something (a nice judgment) forced me to visit court as soon as possible. Finally I decided to visit court on for the order as well as LOKADALAT (probably my biggest mistake).

    What I discovered there is, the head of Lok-Adalat was the same judge whose order forced me to visit. Of-course I was having respect (may be small but yes I was having), which forced me to stay silent there, at-least not to be aggressive.

    Finally there are few question, I decided to collect here. The first one is :

    Q : I take care of one kid. I can't adopt the kid but I just take care of. Now the judge sahib wanted to settle the cases so that I can adopt the kid legally.

    What I don't understand is :
  • Why I should adopt the kid ?
  • The kid is getting what best I can provide, what extra he may get once adopted ?
  • I am getting satisfaction, what else I may get once adopted ?
  • The kid will be same once adopted, he is not going to change neither by body nor by nature, then why I need to adopt ?
  • Apart from this kid I take care of 24 more kids, of-course partially. But does that mean i should adopt all 24 kids ? If not then why this one ?

    One may try to explain on the ground that he can be my heir after me. But I am not sure about this one because what I wanted to do that only I can do, no-one else can make it moving. Even I don't know whose heir continue after couple of generation. I even can't recall the name of my grand grand father, then how it matter if my name is vanished forever.

Gursharn Singh