Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Indian Culture : A Backword Journey

    What I am writing here is true, as per my best knowledge. I get this experience around 3 year back, but decided to write today because of ........ repeat telecast of incident (almost same discussion with another person)

    Around 3 year back, I meet a men who was a strong supporter of Indian Culture. In a long discussion I concluded that he was not same just a couple of year back. Let us call him Mr. X.

    Mr X. belong to a well established modern family, He enjoyed every moment of modern society from childhood. He celebrated Valentine Day & Good Friday but never bother for Laxmi Pooja on Diwali. In short every festival accepted in modern society, he participated at the same time almost every festival of Indian culture he find old fashioned. He celebrated Diwali with bombs but avoid Laxmi Pooja.

    Most of us are same. But when I meet him he was no-more a modern, but he was supporter of Indian Culture. Why ?

    What I understood is he get married with a lady (I wont comment on modern or not) soon he was in soup. After couple of years spending in courts, he find all faults because of Modern Society, therefore he become a supporter of Indian Culture.

    I find this as a backward journey. His family was modern, that means someone from his family find Indian culture bad or at-least he find the culture not suitable for him. Today Mr. X find Modern culture not suitable for him so he is going back to Indian Culture.

    Where it will end ? Next generation will again find Indian Culture not suitable .. ... . will there be an end ? Or this family is in a ring and will oscillate between Indian & Modern culture ? Defiantly there was something wrong with Indian Culture which inspired people to walk away, now if there is something wrong in Modern society should be move back or should we establish new norms ?

What I don't Understand is :
  1. If Indian Culture honor men ?
  2. If Indian Culture is root behind breaking relation ?
  3. If Indian culture is something one opt because he find solution for his PERSONAL problems ?
  4. If Indian culture really solve PERSONAL Problems ?
  8. etc

A Lot of question arise, there may be a solution but at-least I didn't find honor for MEN in Indian culture. Then what should be our Target ?

Establishing New Norms where MEN get equal rights and honor should be the Target.

Gursharn Singh