Monday, 9 March 2015


CONVERSATION 0008 :-- This conversation happen a couple of days back. It based on real incident just name place and language may be changed.
Characters : Mr. G & Mr.M
M : Hey G can you give me 200 rs.
G : Sure here it is.
M : Actually my wife called .... 
G : No need to tell ...
M : Actually my wife asked to purchase a few items and i am having only 500 and cost may be around 700.
G : Keep another 100 in case the cost is more.
M : Thx.
Next day M returned 300 rs with thanks and again told why he asked.
M : Sorry & Thanks G. Actually last day wife asked to buy some items so that food can be prepared and it was urgent.

G : hay don't give any explanation or sorry or thanks u didn't asked for 1 Lakh u asked for 200 only.
M : true.
    The conversation continue but my motive can be explained by this only. This conversation happen just before women's day. And a lot of articles/blogs/news/discussion happen during that period. One of the blog or article said women do a lot of things like cooking sweeping etc and they don't get paid for the same.
    After reading one such blog I asked myself Mrs. M ordered something from Mr. M so that she can prepare food. And as per article she must get paid for that. What about Mr. M who asked money from me so that Mrs. M can cook. He went to market right after office, he purchased necessary items, next day he apologizes and said thanks too. 
    Is that work has less importance ?
    Weather he get paid for the work ?
    What about the borrowing when he felt sorry ?
    Is not this Mrs. M duty to buy and borrow then feel sorry if she demanding to get paid for the same. 
    What Mr. M is earning is not that spent on Mrs. M and kids ?
   Whatever Mr. M saving is not useful for Mrs M and Kids ?

    What if Mr. M paid for food and ask her do everything just like we ask in Hotels ?
    I am not against anyone but sometime something we have to do without getting paid and everyone need to understand that. Once I start paying for Food that wont be home that will be Hotel. Once I start paying for sex that wont be wife but prostitute.
Gursharn Singh