Thursday, 19 March 2015


        A school going boy, ideal for many because of his record performance during exam and his behavior in society and interest for study. one day the same boy when he was in good mood he was talking with friends, suddenly he garbed one of his friend's neck, not because of fight or anger, just a friendly one. Nothing happen except friend returned back what he received from the boy, friend remains friend. What changed is nothing, nothing at all. The boy was a good boy and the image continue for most of people.

        After many year the same boy when he was well settled suddenly one day he was a criminal for entire society, not because he was a criminal but because one lady said so, and almost everyone believe. Why ?

        Yes I am talking about me. 

        But why ?

        No I am not looking for a justification but today I find myself in a situation where I need to find a difference between good and bad person specially women. Five year back if some asked me the same question, probably my answer could be different but today what I think is there is no difference, there is no such thing like good or bad person or women.

        The boy once was ideal for many today is criminal for many, does that mean the boy changed ? No the only thing changed is how people see him.

        Question was in refined wording 'FEW WOMENS ARE BAD NOT ALL'. Good and Bad are nothing but two sides of coin, both sustain together. Vanish one, person will die immediately. At place of exploring all the world just focus on a small area : fight between husband and wife.

        Because of biased law people facing lot of trouble and they start saying his wife is bad. 

        Why ? 

        Why not he talking about his mother or sister ? Are not these ladies bad, are these ladies angels ? What will happen if their husband file divorce, will these ladies just let them go or will send court notices ?

        What if my mother send my father to jail because he tried to escape from her DOMESTIC VIOLENCE ? Will she be a bad women or good women.
        People don't want to answer such things, they just believe his sister & mother are good ladies, even i also didn't get answer. But the truth is if my father file divorce the next day my father will be in jail, for the allegation of Dowry and Domestic Violence. And this is brutal truth, which I can't escape. If anyone not satisfied can do experiment.

        This truth can be the only link between men. Today we accept the partial truth that my wife is bad and my sister & mother are good. Why ? When both behaving in same manner in similar situation what make them different ? This partial truth is only thing, which force me to stay away from brothers, because this force me to believe, only I am victim of bad women rest are bad boys, and their wifes are victim.

        These people normally talk about protection from biased law and more important is they demand protection so that their mother & sister can be saved, surprisingly they forgot to mention their brothers, father or friends. The reason behind is we have not changed inside, the only change people observing is not deep its just temporary, once the bad phase is over we will be on the same track 'GOOD WOMEN and BAD MEN' and with that we will start looking women as VICTIM and men as MONSTER, our fight will be over because we will be fighting to protect GOOD WOMEN from MONSTER and every mean even biased law will be a tool.

        Until we ready to accept the bad side of good people there is no way to unite. Every women is bad for Mr. X and the same time she is good for Mr. Y. The same apply on men. First I should fight with the MONSTER inside me, who stop me accepting the TRUTH.


Gursharn Singh