Thursday, 19 February 2015


    Before coming to the point i would like to share a few stories. These stories are inspired from real life incidents :

    First : One Lady working as Assistant Prof. in a college. She wanted to be Prof. and to fulfill her desire she made a deal with chairmen. According to deal chairmen will promote her at the cost of one night with the lady. The lady fulfilled his demand but chairmen fail. In couple of days the chairmen is arrested for Rape in IPC 376.

    Second : A college student is not doing well in science practicals and she may fail. She approach to the prof and as a final deal the prof get one night with student and in return prof will clear her practical exam. She did her part while prof fail to do so. After result the prof is arrested for Rape in IPC 376.

    Third : Two friends (M & F) visit a hotel for dinner. After dinner both suppose to come back. But after dinner both drink and at place of going home they enter in hotel room. Next day the boy is arrested for Rape in IPC 376.

    All three incidents are fictitious but similar incidents we can read in news articles almost everyday. Different people may have different view about these incidents and they have right but i would suggest to think logically not just morally.

    All three incidents have one thing common either a deal between two parties or consent. First two cases there is deal and the only issue is second party fail. Its nowhere a matter of Rape. Its a matter of cheating. Even if we think deeply its a matter of prostitution, here lady approach to Mr. X and served her body for something. Mr. X agree for the that something but failed reason can be any. Its clear case of either cheating or prostitution nowhere it is Rape.

    The third incident both are drunk, but both agree for the physical relation. In such cases the most common logic used is the Lady not in fit condition for consent. I am saying the same apply on boy also. He is also drunk and not is fit condition. If we ready to accept one step further the question rise why he or she drink when they can't decide what is right or wrong. Even if they drink and made physical relation, even if I feel bad after that it is my moral duty to accept the fault at place of blaming opposite party.

    In short all three cases are booked in Rape (IPC 376) but in reality none of them are part of Rape, they are either deal or consent. I would say they should be booked either for cheating or prostitution not for Rape.

    Here people start thinking from moral, social .... point of view. They start thinking once physical relation is made the bond if for life. What society will think .... bla bla bla. many will rise the question on male that they cross their boundaries, I would say not only male but female also crossed. Ass. Prof & Female Student & Female Friend all were having choice to say no but they said Yes and responsibility can't be on Male partner. Although I am not saying still if we assume Mr. X crossed his boundaries, we are more the 70 crore how we can expect from all to be perfectly moral ?

    But my point is time has changed does not matter if we are ready to change or not. Today most of Boy & Girls enjoy the physical relation before marriage even in most cases during college and in some cases during school, If parents know or not is different matter. Today if any male think he will get a Virgin girl in marriage or Girl think she will get inexperienced Male partner, both going to be dis pointed. Best would be start think as per the requirement of time and stop such FakeCases that not only will help us but society too.

Accept the Fault at place of finding Mr X. to blame.

Dr. Gursharn Singh