Saturday, 14 February 2015


        15 year old kid traveling from his home town to nearby city by Bus. Although 5 hour journey itself has many moment but what I remember is Bus. As the journey is not too long and no reservation is needed. Anyone can buy ticket and can sit on available seat. What I remember is expectation of getting front seat even, at the cost of hours waiting at station. What is special in front seat, why every kid wanted to grab it, why window seat is specific, what is charm their. Today I am 40 year old still my charm for front seat continue. If I am not wrong the same apply for most of us.

         My concern is not about the question why ? But my interest is why I should drop the charm for something ? Even if that something is women safety or women empowerment ?

         The question rise because one of near dear friend said the front half of public transport or bus must be reserved for women for their safety. Why ? Every statistics or survey shown men's life has more danger then women. Every record show crime against men is at wide scale compare then crime against women. NCRB data confirm these views. Here I am not talking about Domestic Violence, not because I am not interested but it is because only one sided data available. In India there is no Law or reports which collect Domestic Violence against men but there is a Law which collect DV against women, still unauthorized survey confirm DV against men is also at the same level even in many condition more the women.

         Under those circumstances the question of women safty itself is questionable, but my concern is not about anyone safty but i have concern about why should I sit at back seat, why should i drop my right for anyone, why it is my responsibility to suffer for anyone ? Why should I travell without any comfort when I am paying the same or more (in many cases women get concession).

         If anyone feel unsafe in unsafe world it is his or her duty to understand his or her limits and respond accordingly. We can't provide safety when world itself is unsafe. SORRY.


Gursharn Singh