Wednesday, 22 July 2015


    My Childhood is gone, still it is hidden somewhere deep. Probably that's why when and where I get time and space I read kid stories.

    Today I am not able to recall who was my favorite super hero, probably I was not too fond of comics and comic super heroes. Still I can recall a few comic chracters like Chacha Choudhary, Pinky, Billo etc.

    Today suddenly I get one comic book from Internet 'DHRUVA-SHAKTI'. It action based multi starer comic. Lead character are Super-Commando-Dhruva & Shakti. Plot/Story/Art all good, but I can't say same about characters of Super Heroes. Many may like specially kids can enjoy. But I feel no kid should read such comics. Why ?

    SUPER COMMANDO DHRUVA : When we see the comic and content it good comic. But the comic has little biased thought. I said little, because its not something we can notice but deep inside, hidden its biased. If someone study dhruva he/she may find him a normal men with sharp mind, strong body and best or sometime impossible skills, these skills again enhanced by science and electronics. But the best part is hero save everyone men/women/kid without worrying about gender. Then why I said Dhruva is biased ? Yes deep inside Dhruva is inspired from the femnist thought that he should not beat ladies. Yes Dhruva beat men with every drop of will, but when it comes to ladies he don't. The same he said many time in many comics. Many kids may learn to be biased from Dhruva. Probably most of us who support 'not to beat women' get inspiration from Dhruva. Its dangerous but same time I would say everything is little biased, so Dhruva is, and we can read SCD comics with caution.

    SHAKTI : This is worst super hero I have seen so far. As per my best knowledge Shakti is one and only one 'Action Female Super Hero' from India, and its worst. No I am not talking about art or plot or story, I am talking about the thought behind Shakti. Shakti born from hate yes Hate against Men. Hate toward men is base behind Shakti. Probably that's why Shakti is most biased, she has powers give by God but she don't use it to save men, she use only to save Female. Even many time she use it to save a Bad Female from Good Male. Good or Bad doesn't have any meaning but the only thing matter is MALE vs FEMALE. I don't know who is creater of Shakti and I may surprise once I know.

    Today we have a lot of modern ways and tools for entertainment, but 20 or 30 year back comic was one of the leading entertainment specially for kids.And result is we .... we the people who don't think twice before supporting #MartialRape and other biased Law as well as debates against Men. But when it is about some unknown Female we are out on road with candle.

    Hope our generation will understand and soon the time will change and we will get real super heroes working toward human being not for Male or Female.

Gursharn Singh