Sunday, 25 January 2015




        The King is dead. Although the king was not a kind and helping person, still a kingdom need a king.  King's death was not a shocking incident for many but still they had concern with his death.

        Everyone was waiting for the new king on the other hand the rightful person king's son was not ready for the job. He was busy in solving the mystery of RAGA & old men. Unfortunately every path he try to search looks closed. He spend many days in library reading book, but he find nothing more then a brief discription of a king with the same or similar name. He came to know the name RAGA is not new but it rise from sara's history. The name was deep rooted in sara's history.

        Prince was not satisfied with his progress but he find almost impossible to find more. He wanted to visit old men but the path is again closed because of an order issued by the king of sara, which was passed hundreds of year back. Only a king can change the order but prince don't want to be king.

        Prince trying to find the reason behind the ban for that he interviewed many senior citizens of kingdom. Order was passed hundreds of year back and in living memory no-one was there to tell  the details but there were stories told by many in different shape and words but the soul was same or similar but unbelievable. But every version of story told was indicating toward the existence of an old men from centuries, but no-one had clear answer, how an old men can live for so many years.

        What if prince decide to be king just because he wanted to solve the mystery of death, will this be justice with the citizens of sara ? But at the same time he will be most powerful and can do whatever is necessary to find truth. Many days passed without decision. One day when prince was in his study room, one person entered, prince was not sure who the person is. Even he was not sure if the person is male of female because he was not interested in this meeting.

        Looks like the person was also not having any interest in meeting. For long time he wonder from one corner to another and then he left. Many hours passed when prince realized he is alone now. He tried to remember who came and what he did but failed. But these few hours turned entire life of prince.

        He realized doesn't matter who he is world is not moving around him. Everyone born to finish some job, doesn't matter if others notice of not just like the unknown person who did whatever job he finished in room, he finished his part doesn't matter is prince noticed or not.

        Prince finally decide to complete his part. Very next day he declared himself the next king of sara. The first order he passed was to remove the ban from visiting the hill with hole on top. For security reasons he also declared the hill can be visited only after getting permission.



Gursharn Singh